What are the benefits?

There are many fantastic benefits to either taking on an apprentice via Activate Apprenticeships, or creating an apprenticeship opportunity within your organisation.

Here are just a few reasons why your business should consider an apprenticeship.

Brilliant, new, innovative ideas
What they don’t quite bring in experience, apprentices do bring in ideas. Apprentices may not have 25 years’ experience in your field of work – but they will bring many new ideas to your business, which may otherwise be of benefit to your competitors.

Energy, commitment and loyalty
Apprentices will bring lots of renewed energy to your team. Not only will they be new, but they will be keen, eager to learn and ready to develop their career with you.

Access to new talent
Apprenticeships are becoming increasingly more attractive to young, talented people. By creating an opportunity within your company, you will – in turn – attract new talent, filling the skills gap that might exist within your business.

Money saving
We know how much recruitment can cost a business. An apprenticeship may have some associated costs at the start – but these will neutralise within a short period of time. It will mean you will have a fully-trained, skilled and loyal colleague within your workforce, as opposed to having to worry about a regular turnover of staff and its cost.

What else should I know?

We will regularly review our database of potential apprentices to see if any of them match your requirements and – as part of this process – we will create a job description for the apprenticeship or adapt an existing job description you have.

We will give you regular updates on applications and send over any applicants for your consideration. We can assist with interview and selection process if required, but it is important the apprentice is right for your organisation, so your decision is final.

Please talk to us if we can help at any stage in the process.