It’s easy to talk about changing the culture of an organisation, but it’s much harder to achieve lasting change. That’s why we’ve developed InUnison, our unique approach to measuring your organisation’s culture.

Beginning with a robust audit, we identify how it really feels to work in your organisation by exploring eight key cultural dimensions, and provide recommendations to improve teamwork, creativity and employee engagement.

Find out more about your organisational culture with our free InUnison taster. Once you’ve completed our survey, we will provide a full audit report that includes:

  • Diagnosis of your culture
  • Executive summary
  • A breakdown of the eight key cultural dimensions, such as communication, integrity and challenge.
  • An overall culture count, indicating if your culture is obstructive (level 1), reluctant (level 2), cooperative (level 3) or collaborative and creative (level 4)
  • You will also receive free recommendations for focus, enabling you to improve the culture for higher performance
  • 60 minute meeting with one of the InUnison team to discuss the report and any recommendations to change and improve your organisational culture.

Call 01865 301 320 or complete our enquiry form to arrange your cultural audit.