‘The productivity problem is in the boardroom’ – Pablo Lloyd

Pablo Lloyd is the CEO and co-founder of Activate Apprenticeships and Activate Business School. He has led innovation in training and education for nearly 20 years. He is a Trustee of WorldSkills UK and an alumnus of London Business School. Pablo here talks about his thoughts on how to solve the problem of the UK’s productivity.

UK productivity has been an economic problem for over 20 years, stubbornly behind G7 competitors.

That’s hard to believe when I visit the factory floor of some of our advanced manufacturing clients like BMW and Lander Automotive. Here it’s second nature to avoid waste, increase outputs and train teams in business improvement.

We can learn a lot from these globally competitive businesses.

A client in a service industry recently asked us to help them create a culture of excellence asking ‘how do we make sure our teams focus on the right things?’. We soon worked out the answer; to change behaviours in the boardroom, by helping leaders become more influential with each other and with their teams.

We know that improving the knowledge, skills, and behaviours of leaders has a multiplier effect on performance.

While the UK has historically under-invested in leadership development, that has started changing since May 2017. The government pays for 90-100% of the cost of structured training in an approved apprenticeship programme. ‘Apprentices’ can include experienced managers developing their skills, up to and including MBA programmes. This is good news for the productivity of the UK.

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