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Insights Discovery - SLIDER

Insights® Discovery is a powerful profiling tool that opens up a world of development opportunities.

Imagine a time and place where everyone in your organisation shares a common language. A language that allows them to communicate effectively with customers and colleagues and to recognise the value contribution each person makes. A language that makes personal development, empowerment and team-centred leadership a way of life. Insights Discovery introduces a three-step process for performance improvement: understand yourself, understand others, then adapt and connect. Using a rich yet easily accessible four colour model, it really does deliver immediate impact and endless possibilities.

Understand self
To develop an understanding of self and how I may be seen by others, including my colleagues. To recognise my strengths and weaknesses and understand my areas for development.

Understand others
To recognise others’ behavioural styles and learn how to respond effectively to others’ needs.

Adapt and connect
To meet the needs of others by understanding their personal needs better and by acting on these needs. To learn how to adapt our behaviour to connect powerfully with others.

Take action
Develop Usable Interpersonal Strategies 
To explore effective strategies in dealing with different or even ‘difficult’ people or colleagues, and to realise the benefits of a team approach.

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