How to apply

To apply for one of our apprenticeships, head to our latest vacancies. There – you can search through our latest apprenticeships by sector, location or any keyword of your choice.

You can also register your interest with us if you are thinking about beginning an apprenticeship, we can also alert you as new vacancies – matching your interests – are added, or when we have apprenticeship events that we feel you might want to attend.

Unsure of your next move? Speak to our team

If you’re unsure of your next move – or would like a more in-depth discussion on how an apprenticeship might be right for you, contact our advice team today.

Our friendly team will be happy to talk you through the many options – and positives – an apprenticeship can offer.

Already have an employer?

If you’ve found an employer, or your current employer wishes to put you through the apprenticeship programme – contact us and we will work with them to create your apprenticeship:


Looking for an employer?

You must be employed before you start your apprenticeship. But that should not stop you from applying for the apprenticeship you would like to do, as we will help you in your job search.


Once you’ve applied

After applying, you will have an interview to check that the apprenticeship is right for you and that you will be able to achieve the qualifications. You will also complete an initial assessment for literacy and numeracy, so we will be able to provide the right help for you throughout your apprenticeship.



Once you have been accepted on to the apprenticeship, you will either be given your enrolment instructions (if you already have an employer) or help with your search for an employer.

If you need to discuss your application or enrolment at any time – again – you can call our team on 01865 551 015.