Are you an “extraordinary” boss?

Everyone wants an extraordinary boss, but what does that really look like? Jeff Haden, contributing editor for, posts an excellent article on 10 things extraordinary bosses give to their employees.

  1. Autonomy and independence
  2. Clear expectations
  3. Meaningful objectives
  4. A true sense of purpose
  5. Opportunities to provide significant input
  6. A real sense of connection
  7. Consistency
  8. Private criticism
  9. Public praise
  10. A chance for a meaningful future

These 10 points provide a helpful “Leadership Checklist” that you can quickly review. Why not simply score each attribute from 1-10 as a way of identifying how extraordinary you are? For more information on what these mean, you can read Jeff’s full article.

In the meantime, here’s our own review of the first five attributes, with a précis of Jeff’s main point in bold. Check out the next five in a week’s time.

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