Are you only coaching poor performers?

Why coaching is more than a remedial tool

Coaching is often seen as remedial – a tool to get someone on the right track when they’re underperforming. However, that perception is gradually shifting. Read More

Effective Teams Part 4

Effective teams thrive on delegation

How often do you delegate and what sort of projects do you allow others to take on? Delegation can often feel like more hassle than it’s worth. Read More

Successful catering and hospitality event

We ran a successful catering and hospitality event for young people wanting to find out more about apprenticeships in the industry.

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6 Benefits of a Coaching Culture

Why coaching is not an intangible “nice to have”

The benefits of coaching and mentoring to an organisation can be huge. Any positive benefits experienced by an individual, can in turn benefit the team and the organisation. Read More

Apprenticeship guarantee announced by Labour

Following the announcement by Ed Miliband – that if Labour win the general election they will guarantee apprenticeships for every school leaver – was met with approval at Activate Enterprise.

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Effective Teams Part 3

The 9 roles in effective teams

In our series on developing effective teams, we’ve looked at the difference between groups and teams and the 5 stages of team development. Now we look at team roles. Read More

Catering and hospitality apprenticeship event

Executive chef, sous chef, pastry chef, restaurant manager, team supervisor, bar manager, waiting and bar staff – these are just a few career options in the catering and hospitality industry.

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How is your customer experience working out?

Bad news for organisations getting customer experience wrong.

How are you currently approaching customer experience measurement within your organisation? Whatever your approach, you can be assured that your customers are measuring you.

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National apprenticeship awards finalists

Activate Enterprise and Oxford City Council have reached the final of Apprenticeships 4 England’s annual apprenticeship awards.

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11 signs of a healthy coaching culture

Do you have a coaching culture?

A coaching style of management is essential if you want to meet the challenges of a recovering economy. Read More